Parents Changing Views on Circ

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Parents Changing Views on Circ
Fri, 08-06-2010 - 12:01am

I was wondering what things have you noticed what causes a parent to change the views of being pro-circ or in the neutral position to change to become an intactivist as in against circumcision.

I have noticed that  many times that stories of complications don't change the minds of first time parents to be but they  more likely  will get their mind changed when they read stories from parents that circ'ed and regret it.

The real thing that I have seen parents really changing their view is if they have had high severe complications of their son's circumcision as in bleeding, loss of glans or partial ablation of glans .

Also, a doctor may end up sharing a view stating that circumcision is more cosmetic than anything may result in a change of view of parents who already circ'ed.

Also, I learned that even many times that even screams from their child during circumcision will not always change their minds into not circ'ing and I wonder why is it because they are not researching or just feel like they have too ?

I have learned that when parents who have already circ'ed kid(s) are more likely to change their minds after they researched it .

I know dad's that end up more changed into against circ'ing after they have a child that is left to be intact .

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Fri, 08-06-2010 - 7:16pm

Landsie, I can't speak from personal, day to day experience, of course. We don't habitually circumcise our boys in the UK.

But from the posts I've seen on this board and others, the most encouraging and positive change of view in my opinion is those of

CL - Circumcision Debate

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Sat, 08-07-2010 - 3:19pm

Going into the issue, in the beginning of my pregnancy, I was neutral shading to against and my husband was neutral shading to for circumcision. I had not really considered the risks or benefits of foreskin, or the risks or benefits of circumcision. I was slightly against just because I was afraid the procedure would be painful for my son, would disrupt breastfeeding, and personally I didn't want to have to worry about wound care. My husband tells me he was slightly for it because he is circumcised and so it just seemed like the default position.

My natural personality is to read about every decision I see as important, especially if it pertains to my child. So I was researching many things while pregnant, like breastfeeding, birthing options, caffeine consumption, etc. I started looking into circumcision mostly because personally I saw leaving him intact as the default, even being in a region of the country where there is a very high circ rate. Since it is something you do to the child, not doing it is default (just like not giving immunizations is default, although after much research and deliberation I decided to give my son his full set of shots besides the one at birth). Since he is born intact, I felt that I would have to have a good reason to allow the surgery.

At first my husband went along with my decision not to circ, but a few months later it came out that he actually disagreed with me but was just going along with what I was saying. I really preferred we were on the same page, so I did more reading about it and discovered that not only was the research on circ benefits just not convincing enough to justify the procedure, but that there are benefits to foreskin (I had no idea the foreskin served any purpose before this!). I encouraged my husband to read a few sites and watch a video of circumcision...he read the sites and passed on the video, and feels that the sites and the resulting discussion with me changed his mind.

In my opinion a way to convince more people to not circumcise is to encourage a cognitive shift into thinking that being intact is the default position. I think many people in the U.S. see circumcision as default, and so they would need convincing evidence to not circumcise. The goal would be to see being intact as default, and that they would need convincing evidence to circumcise. I'm sure some people would still see the current research as convincing enough to circumcise, but I am guessing that more people would find it insufficient, and would learn about the benefits of being intact.

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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 9:58pm

but that there are benefits to foreskin (I had no idea the foreskin served any purpose before this!).