Repeat c section question...

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Repeat c section question...
Thu, 07-22-2010 - 1:33pm

Hi ladies,

As of right now, we have the choice of a VBAC or repeat c-section this time around. Lately I have been thinking more about doing the repeat c-section, still not totally sure though.

My question is for any of you who have had two or more c-sections - how was your recovery with the subsequent c-section(s)? Was the recovery easier, quicker, about the same, worse, etc???? What all can you share about your experience(s)? How was it recovering and taking care of another child (or children) as well? What made you decide to do a repeat c-section if you had a choice of a VBAC given to you?

My recovery from my first c-section wasn't the greatest as I didn't have a baby here to motivate me to get up and get moving, he was in the NICU for 3 weeks, so I will be honest, I didn't do much besides laying around; I got up to pump every 3 hours, to eat, to use the bathroom, etc. I'm sure that had an influence in my recovery from the c-section since I didn't do a lot of activity.. I was sad/depressed that my son wasn't home with us where he should be. I had the c section with our son after being induced at 35 weeks for my fluid starting to leak, never dilated, had some contractions, after 6-8 hours and no dilation the ob did an ultrasound and found he had turned breech at some point during the day. So because of everything going on the ob highly suggested a c section which we agreed to, we just wanted our little guy safe.

Right now I have a very low lying placenta, has moved up some as it had been a partial previa. So depending on that that might make the decision for us. But I've been leading towards a repeat just because of fear of delivery and something happening or having a repeat of what happened with our son. And also, I know it might sound bad, but convienece as we have no family close by - we have friends that would probably help with watching our son until my parents would get here (3-4 hours) but it'd be a matter of having a list of people and what times we could call them at, etc. But this is such a hard decision to make right now. I feel so torn between whether to try a vbac or do another c section.

Sorry for this getting long :)

I would love to hear anything any of you are willing to share :)

Thanks ladies!
~ Rebecca

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Thu, 07-22-2010 - 1:40pm

My 2nd c/s was much easier than my first. Part of this was due to the fact that I had some nasty allergic reactions...part of this was that my first c/s was with twins and my 2nd was with a singleton. I had babies in the NICU so I felt like I was up all the time visiting them...always moving, always walking around.

I'm allergic to pretty much every painkiller there is, so I think I just tend to recover from stuff more quickly in general...I figure God is cutting me a break since I can't take the "good drugs."


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Fri, 07-23-2010 - 1:48pm

I healed a lot faster with the second cesarean. Could have been having a better surgeon and being a much healthier person in general. I also knew to take it easy for the first week and thankfully my older child was 5 and DH stayed home with me. I did a lot of things different to take care of my body before and after the surgery so I healed faster.

I would much rather have had another VBAC but unfortunately had to ask for a c/s after a long labor.

I think it's important to remember that more complications happen with surgery vs a normal birth. Sometimes things happen with vaginal birth too. Just because you had a good cesarean recovery before doesn't mean you will again. No body can predict that therefore I don't think recovery should be part of the deciding factor IYKWIM.


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Mon, 07-26-2010 - 2:27pm

Hi Rebecca,

Congrats on your new little girl... I hope the remainder of your pregancy goes well. I have had 3 c sections and I'm planning my 4th. My first two were after long labors and the 3rd was scheduled.

I am a big VBAC advocate (even though I was never successful) and I think you should pop over to that board to ask their opinions as well, if you haven't done so already. Of course if you have a previa, the decision is made!