I'm Carol, mom to Megan (m)

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I'm Carol, mom to Megan (m)
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 8:19am
Megan is 28 months old. She is delayed in all areas - she can't crawl, get to sitting on her own, walk, feed herself, she's never said any words - even da da. She's had sensory issues with sounds, textures, etc. but she's gotten way better. She's still a beautiful, typical 2 year old in a lot of ways with lots of personality! If you help her sit up, she'll scoot on her bottom everywhere. She's been receiving therapy from early intervention since she was 9 months old. She gets OT and ST through EI and private PT. She continues to make progress and we try to stay optimistic.

She's had lots of tests and all normal so far - other than they've observed she has hypotonia, and less myelin on the nerves in the brain that she should have. And she's had growth issues. She's tiny, still less than 20 pounds. But no diagnosis as to 'why'. I had a lot of problems in the pregnancy but we don't know if that's the cause, or just an effect of some sort of genetic issue with her that they haven't found yet. Or unrelated. But other than the delays and muscle weakness, she's perfectly healthy, very social and lots of fun.

Oh, and I'm expecting our second child, a boy, on July 2. We live in Salt Lake City.