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Michelle & David - m
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:52am
Our story is pretty simple really. David is my miracle baby, I was told that I had so much scaring that I would never get pregnant without "help". Now 7 yrs later I have a happy, semi healthy, loving little boy to prove them wrong.

David was born at 33 wks d/t severe preeclamsia. He had mild resp. distress and only required a cpap for a few hours after birth. He stayed in the nicu for thirteen days and all really appeared well until he was 5 mos old and still had very poor neck/trunck control and then my 12 mos chronilogical age he was tested at 40% gross motor delay and a 25% fine motor delay and were officially enrolled in the early intervention program in Illinois.

We have come a long way since then he is in spec ed pre-k now and loves it! He still is not "officially" labeled with anything other than dev. delay and expressive/receptive language disorder for the school system. If you ask the medical community then they will tell us pdd, seizures, and possible adhd and possible ocd as well.

Labels don't really matter though....after all is said and done all those issues are what makes him the little boy that I know and love!