Donor egg production? PGD?

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Donor egg production? PGD?
Sun, 09-03-2006 - 3:45pm

I am looking to use donor eggs. What if the donor I choose doesnt produce enough? Has this ever happened?

Has anyone ever used PGD with donor eggs? I think I might to be sure I am putting back a healthy embie.

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Sun, 09-03-2006 - 8:12pm
I don't have any experience with DE, but am wishing you luck.


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Tue, 11-14-2006 - 11:21am
As a donor I want to reassure you that we are very closely monitored and the meds adjusted accordingly to make sure that enough follicles produce eggs. Of course, there can be a clause in the donor contract that addresses that issue. No worries! And a question to ask a donor agency is has this donor done this before and what were the outcomes?
Rachel M.
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