Wii Fit Plus

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Wii Fit Plus
Sun, 01-10-2010 - 8:40pm

I'm new here and just got the Wii Fit Plus for my kids for Christmas but I really think it was for me :) I love it and I'm on it everyday since we got it. I just wish I would start to see some results. It has been 2 weeks now but there hasn't been much change in my weight. I have given myself a 2 mth goal in loosing weight but there hasn't been much change yet. I do hope I loose something. I know this much it a a fun way to do it and I don't believe I would do it if I went to the gym. Heck last year we bought a treadmill and I used it for a few months and then it just collected dust. At least with the Wii Fit Plus I think I will use it alot more. We also got the Wii Resort and Wii sports which I also like playing and I know can help me too.