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Tue, 02-16-2010 - 11:52am
Hi everybody,
I need some help here.
one week ago I did a sperm insemination and since then I am bleeding a little bit, but not all the time and it doesnt look like if its my period. except that I have some cramp like when I have my period.
I called my doctor and they told me that was normal until I dont get some fever.
can someone tell me when do you know that you are really pregnant?
and if these signs are ok?
thank you
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Tue, 02-16-2010 - 2:55pm

I didn't do insemination, I did IVF, but the handout they gave me afterwards said I might have spotting or cramping, and that it didn't mean I was or wasn't pg, just that it was to be expected.

It could just be some spotting from your cervix from the insemination, OR it could be implantation bleeding.

Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to wait it out till your beta.



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