any single women TTC with donor sperm?

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any single women TTC with donor sperm?
Wed, 05-26-2010 - 12:59am
I was wondering if there were any single women on here TTC with donor sperm as it is something I am interested in.I haven't come across any women choosing to do this and actually more crtisism than anything.


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Sat, 08-14-2010 - 9:54pm

aw thanks :)


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Mon, 08-16-2010 - 9:31pm
You may be better off working with a fertility clinic and doing IUI. The clinic I worked with would store donor sperm free up to a year as long as you were actively in treatment, so you could order extra to cover a few cycles. Also if the sperm is not up the guaranteed standards the bank claims you can often get a refund (my docs told me they are now trying to get so many vials out of every "donation" that they really cut it close, and on average 50% of samples from all baanks do not meet published minimum guarantees)
- Jenna, 42, DH 389 TTC since September '06 with MFI. 3 failed unmedicated IUI's with DH sperm, 1 failed IUI with injects with DH sperm, IVF #1 BFN, FET BFP but M/c week 5, IVF#2 BFP m/c week 7, IUI with injects and donor sperm: probable chemical pg. 1 failed unmedicated DS/IUI. Started BCP's 7/30 for IVF #3, ER 9/10, ET 9/15, Beta 9/24 results 9/25. BFP, Twins. Lost 1st twin at 9-10 weeks, lost second twin at 16 weeks 12/17/08. Attempted IUI #4 converted to DS/DH IUI April 09 at my request, BFP and M/c. IVF #4 June 09 BFN. DS-IUI w/injects 7/6/09, BFN. Hysteroscopic myomectomy to remove fibroid 7/29/09.Unmedicated DS-IUI 9/09, BFN. DS-IUI with injects, 10/09, BFP and M/C. DH/DS-IUI with injects and HGH, 12/6. BFP! Betas: 12dpo 12/18 58, 14 dpo 12/20 157, 16dpo 12/22 379, 22 dpo 12/28 4,002

- Jenna
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Tue, 08-17-2010 - 10:13pm

I've always known I wanted children & decided in my early/mid twenties, that if I were still single at 30, I'd do it solo.

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Tue, 08-24-2010 - 10:42pm
I have a odd request for you. Would you mind posting your donor sperm counts after your insemination tomorrow? I used Cryolab in MN 4 times, and none of the donors I used met the banks standards for minimum motile sperm. I saw a doctor yesterday at a new clinic, and he was shocked at my experience, he had never heard anything bad about Cryolab. I am assuming it was just my really bad luck. Thanks! And good luck!!
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