new here--need advice

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new here--need advice
Mon, 08-02-2010 - 3:14pm

Hi there!

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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 3:25pm


I hope that your HPT was just too early and that you'll have a positive beta.

I'm sorry I don't know enough about the ins and outs and the significance of the zona thickness.


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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 7:25pm
I do hope your HPT was wrong and simply too early.

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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 10:18pm
Hi: I don't have an answer for you but there is a blog called "hard knocked up" ( you can google it) who had a similar but reverse situation. Her donor had a fragile zona and both her cycles ended in a bfn. She changed donors and now has a little girl. She is very Candid about her experience, it may help with your decision.
Best wishes,

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Tue, 08-03-2010 - 9:04am

Hi Teresa,

I am crossing my fingers that you still have hope of a BFP this time and will not have to look into other options.


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Sat, 08-07-2010 - 3:38am

I've just begun exploring donor eggs and went to the information meeting yesterday.

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Sat, 08-07-2010 - 8:50am

"if a donation does not result in a pregnancy, that donor is removed from the book and not allowed to donate again."

"She also warned that past performance does not necessarily indicate future success."

Those seem contradictory!


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