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i am supossed to be unseminated with a sperm this month. But my boyfriend has begged me not to do it. He said it is wrong, and we can live together just the two of us. Maybe in the future we can have a baby.
The reason i started this process is my bofriend has said he doesnt want children.We broke up for a few days. and i want a baby so much, i have been told by my docter, that since i am close to 40, it hurts my chance of having a healthy baby if i don,t do it soon
My boyfriend in the past has told me he wants a child in the future, and then changes his mind too say no for a child.
My boyfriend is an amazing guy, so sweet to me, so loving, so diffrent from my ex-boyfriend, the father of my daughter who was born stillborn.
He abonded me when i got pregnant, asked me to abort her, and never once called me or inquired about while i was pregnant, and since i lost her hasnt been in contact at all. actually once i spoke to him at work, and he acted like we never met.
I am so confused, does anyone have any advice for me.

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I am again so sorry you are dealing with all of this.

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It all depends on how much you want a baby and how much you love your boyfriend. Sounds like you have to decide between the two. The Dr.'s are correct with your age you don't have a lot of time left to have a child of your own. The one question you might ask yourself is if you will regret later on in life if you don't have any children. If you think you might then I would say go for having the child.

Good Luck on your decision.


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