RTA Apis (apis2001) - welcome!

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RTA Apis (apis2001) - welcome!
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 5:36am
congratulations on your twins! my duo are getting close to their 3rd birthday, it is amazing how quickly time passes.

to answer your question, during the first months i was pumping my supply was similar in size to yours and dropped to 4x's around 12 weeks. there wasn't any difficulty maintaining this as long as i pumped a little longer at each setting. i continued getting 20-24oz at the first pump each day even when i dropped to 3x's a day around 17 weeks. try dropping to 4 and at the first sign of problems, try power pumping and follow this with going back to 5x's a day.

good luck, beth eping for gills 15 months