Baby is 11 months - supplementing q. ?

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Baby is 11 months - supplementing q. ?
Thu, 04-07-2005 - 11:09am

Hi there. My baby is almost 11 1/2 months old, and I am now pumping once a day and getting about 1/2 what he takes a day. Should I supplement the rest with formula, or cows milk to get him used to the taste? Or mix the bm with cows milk? If I did that would I need to warm the cows milk before adding to room temperature bm? What would you do?



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Thu, 04-07-2005 - 1:01pm

Have you ever used formula? If not, I would wouldn't bother unless your child is not eating a variety of foods. To go to whole milk, a child needs to be eating meats (can be strained), fruits, veg, and grains as well to get everything he needs. I would recommend that you get him use to drinking some milk from a cup (easier to wean!) A slow intro is best, and I would hate to have you get him use to formula then switch him to milk in a week or two.


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Fri, 04-08-2005 - 4:55am

My DD will be 1 in two weeks, and we just added some whole milk into her diet.