Crying over spilt milk

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Crying over spilt milk
Fri, 04-08-2005 - 11:43pm

Wahhh!!!! This afternoon, I reached into the fridge to get something and a bottle of bm fell out and dropped on the floor. I lost 2-3oz which for me is practically a whole pumping session (I'm a lvp). I wanted to cry as I cleaned up the pool of milk on the kitchen floor. My mom (who witnessed the tragedy)was sympathetic, but I knew she didn't truly feel my "pain" - I just needed to share this with some women who I know could related to how precious every drop is.

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Fri, 04-08-2005 - 11:49pm
I feel your pain. The other night I was pumping in bed and
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Sat, 04-09-2005 - 2:12am
I completely understand....tonight was the first night I have ever spilled any milk after 3 months of pumping - I accidentally knocked over a 3 ounce bottle as I was screwing the lid on - I cried for 20 minutes. It was so sad to me, for some reason even worse because it was still warm - I think I feel like its an extension of me, this is part of our bodies, something we give of ourselves and pour our love, blood, sweat and tears into. Its okay to feel sad and even better that there are people here who *get it*!
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Sat, 04-09-2005 - 3:02am

I've BTDT! I spilled a 6 oz. bottle last month when I was making Cooper a bottle. All but an ounce ran out. I was so aggravated and upset that when I went to make the second bottle, I poured the milk too fast and some hit the rim of the bottle and ended up on my counter also. (Probably another ounce)

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Sat, 04-09-2005 - 8:18am

I used to cry whenever I spilled milk .. it happened a few times .. so be prepared.


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Sat, 04-09-2005 - 10:54am

I definetely know how you feel. emily's been sick so the other night I tried pumping in bed so I could kind of tuck her into my indian-style legs. Well she started crying so I propped the bottle and pump against a pillow (so smart!) and started tending to her. My moving caused the matress to shift and the milk dumped over onto the bed. I grabbed it quick and was relieved that not even an ounce had spilled. I decided to be "smart" and put the pump on the night stand. As I turned back around to get the baby, my sleeve caught on the handle of the pump and knocked it down between the bed and the nightstand. Needles to say, I couldn't get to it fast and lost a whole side's pump. Me and Emily cried together for a while after that.

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Sat, 04-09-2005 - 8:27pm
Oh I understand!!! Tragedy
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Sat, 04-09-2005 - 11:21pm


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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 12:50am

Soooo frustrating! I have spilled my milk a few times, but I think the time that still stands out in my mind was the time the LC spilled a 2-3 oz. bottle on my DS's face in the NICU. It's hard to know how to handle that graciously! She, of course, apologized profusely, and I, of course, said, "That's okay." But she said, "no it's not, really," and it was so awkward.

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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 2:38pm
I posted the same thread a few weeks ago when I went back to work. I spilled a whole bottle of 7 ounces and I did not close a whole bag of 6 ounces so I lost 13 ounces in 2 days... Thank god I have a good supply. I was able to make it up on the next few pumping sessions. But I can surely sympathize. I hate wasting every little drop. I had a nervous breakdown when I ran out of freezer space and started crying and freaking out until I decided I could get a deep freeze and my DH said we could just put it in the dining room....
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Tue, 04-12-2005 - 4:05pm
I'm not a LVP, but I still hate wasting any drops of EBM, too. I've only spilled a little bit of milk a couple of times so far, but the thing that gets me is when my DH or MIL leaves the last half ounce or so in the bottle claiming that DD can't eat it. When I put the bottle back in her mouth, though, she sucks it right down with minimal encouragement. Those two just don't understand how much effort and energy I use to produce the milk! I bet if they had to do it themselves, they'd be trying to get DD to drink every last drop and lick the bottle clean! ;) heh, heh!