weight loss and supply

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weight loss and supply
Sat, 05-16-2009 - 7:30pm
We hit the 6 month mark so I figured it was time for me to start losing this excess weight. For 2 days I went back to my prepregnancy routine of 1 hr of Jazzercise a day and a low carb diet. By day #2 my supply was down 6 oz and I freaked out. I went back to eating like I am pregnant again and my supply came back up. So how do I lose weight? Do I just give up until I am ready to stop BF? I can afford to lose up to 10 oz and still meet my DD BM needs as I am a HVP but the thought of my milk going down scares me. I never thought I would pump this long but now since we have made it this far why not just keep going right? I am feeling heavy though and for the first time since DD was born I saw the scale go up a couple pounds this past month. Any advice? Is there a way to lose weight and not lose my supply?

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Sat, 05-16-2009 - 8:52pm

I've heard that for some women, anything more rigorous than walking can make them lose supply.

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Mon, 05-18-2009 - 1:30pm
I think the weight loss/supply thing really varies from woman to woman. I never had a problem with moderate exercise (brisk walking, aerobics, running, mowing grass on a hill, etc.) as long as I was careful to stay hydrated. But I know that others on the board have posted that they were not able to do much exercise at all without seeing a big supply drop. I also have dropped 15 lbs below my pre-preg weight over the past year without really meaning to (or needing to) - I eat whenever I'm hungry, but just continue to lose a couple of pounds a month. But I know that others have posted that they can't even lose much of the baby weight without a supply hit. I think it really depends on metabolism/hormones, and you will have to find what works for you. Maybe start with a reduced amount of exercise, and make sure you drink plenty of fluids and up your calories a bit to compensate for what you are burning off. Even if you can't lose all the weight you would like to until you wean, you may be able to at least get into better shape and therefore feel better!
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Mon, 05-18-2009 - 4:06pm

I was one of those moms that did not lose weight while bfing/pumping.

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Tue, 05-19-2009 - 2:01pm
I just read an article on this but I am not sure where I read it.

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