How many bottles...8/9 month old drink?

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How many bottles...8/9 month old drink?
Tue, 06-02-2009 - 11:03am

Can anyone tell me how many bottles/ounces your 8 month old or 9 month drank in a day?

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Tue, 06-02-2009 - 4:10pm

Apparently in most cases it's ideal for breastmilk to be a baby's main food source for the first year. So unless your little one is trying to grab food off your plate, or unless you are struggling to produce enough milk for her, I'd stick with what you are doing.

In answer to the question you actually asked ;-)
My daughter didn't really want anything to do with solids until she was over a year old. Until she started on solids, her intake of EBM remained just about exactly the same the whole time. As you may know, the mother of an older baby produces milk which is higher in calories (and other nutrients).



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Thu, 06-11-2009 - 9:26pm
My LO will be


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Fri, 06-12-2009 - 3:32pm
My lo is almost 7 months old. He was at 6 bottles a day, 24 oz. Now he is taking 7-8 bottles, 4oz each, and eating stage 2 twice a day. He much prefers the stage two. I buy harvest best has a thicker texture and he eats it better than the soupy stuff.

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