What's with this pain?!

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What's with this pain?!
Mon, 07-27-2009 - 9:00pm

So, I really thought that at 8mo I would be comfortable with my pumping and feel like a "pro-EPer". I am down to 3 pumps a day and still getting about the same as I was at 4 or 5 pumps. DH calculated that if I pump for 9 more weeks with my current production, I will have enough frozen milk to get DD to 1 yr. I thought it would totally be smooth sailing from here on out.

But over the last few weeks my BBs have gotten soooo sore. Just within the last few days, it has gotten to where I dread pumping! It is just like my initial attempt at nursing all over again! I'm bummed! The reason that I started EP was because of LO poor latching causing so much pain. Now I'm right back where I started.

So I have couple ideas of what might be going on:

1.Wrong horn size. I was initially using the 24mm horns that came with the PISA. At 6 mo my nips started being pulled all the way to the end of the horn and touching the valve, so I figured those were too small and got the next size up (27mm). Now my whole areola is being pulled into the horn tube, which I just have been reading on the board means that they are too big. I have also developed a blister-like thing on the underside of my left breast. It must be from the horn being too big and the friction of rubbing against the horn (I do use olive oil though!)

2.Pumping for one hour is too long. I've been pumping for one hour each time since I've been at 3 pumps (was doing 45min at 4 pumps.) Most all of the milk is out by 35-45 min and pumping for the rest of the time adds a minimal amount of milk. It seems like the last half of pumping I'm just tugging at empty BBs. Could that just be causing injury to do all this unproductive pulling? But if I cut my time down won't that decrease supply?

3. Could it be thrush? My nips/areola are pretty red but they have always been since I started pumping. There is one shiny patch (a sign of thrush?) on my rt BB, and lately when I pump it sometimes feels like burning. Really I don't think it is thrush but I'm trying to find a reason for this. I made an appointment with my OB to try to rule out thrush/infection, but it is not until a week from Thursday. I'm guessing that she will probably just say that I am pumping too much.

I don't really mean for this to be such a whiney post (I guess this is like a big rant), but I'm so frustrated and disappointed. I was getting to where I could see the light at the end of tunnel, now I'm getting discouraged. I think that if I could stop pumping cold turkey right now I would, but I since I would have to keep pumping anyway to wean, I might as well just keep going.

Sorry for the super long rant. Thanks for listening/reading. I just had to get this out :)


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