Chelle-I have decided to do this but how

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Chelle-I have decided to do this but how
Thu, 04-07-2005 - 8:36am

I hope your mom is doing o.k after her surgery. O.K I have been thinking about it alot and although I do feel some guilt, I dont think I ever wont unless I go the full year and I just cant. Im ready to wean, I would idealy like to be done around May 20 ( her 7 months ) I will do a slow wean if its the best way, I am at 4 pumps a day ( 30 min first pump, and 25 min for the other 3 pumps )I am makeing approx 35oz a day I have never had plugged ducts or anything and am hopeing not to get any while weaning. I do have frozen for at least a month to use as well, I will get some formula in the next day or so and start with 1/4 per bottle for a day and than the next day 1/2 per bottle etc .... and see how it goes. Is that how you do it with the formula? How long do I do this for to see if she takes it o.k? Do I than switch to frozen and than use formula when that is all finished. Or should I combine frozen and FF to make the BM last longer? I have a rental pump, how long should I plan on keeping it after I have weaned .. just in case? ( I do have a mini-electric medela as well if I have to pump for some reason ) I think my biggest fear is that she wont take well to FF and will be colicky ( she had bad colic for 4 1/2 months )and that FF will make her constipated etc ... but if that is the case I will not wean especially for the colic reasons. Should I start takeing lesithin (SP?) to avoid plugs? where do I buy that? I am such a rookie, I know nothing about FF or weaning ...I guess I was the same way about pumping and BM in the beggining too. O.K I am sure I will have more questions I just cant think of them right now, your help is much appretiated.


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Thu, 04-07-2005 - 3:52pm

I don't know how much time I have to answer...but I'll try quickly & then do another post later tonight or tomorrow when I get a chance.

I would fix a small bottle of FF (like 2 oz) and see if she'll take that straight without mixing it.

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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 10:15am

Sorry to be jumping in like this... but just wanted to add my support.

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