Can I quit cold turkey- PLEASE HELP

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Can I quit cold turkey- PLEASE HELP
Mon, 04-11-2005 - 10:17am

Please give me all ideas and suggestions to help me quit cold turkey. This morning I got ready for my one daily pump and undid my bra. Instantly my nipple began dripping blood. Hadn't even begun pumping yet. =-( So I got that to stop and then lubed up with olive oil. I put the horns on and made sure my PIS was on a minimal setting. OMG. There's no way. I just wanted to cry. So I said to myself "All done".

I know quiting cold turkey will not be comfortible. But I guarantee engorgement is better then feeling like razor blades are slicing my nipples off.

I get about 15 ounces in my one pump a day.

I got a bottle of lechithin (sp?) around here somewhere. What about cabbage leaves and is it allergy meds or sinus? I can't remember. Pleaseee help me.

On a side note, Troy will drink anything I put in his bottle. Yesterday he had 2 bottles of BM, 1 bottle of formula, and at bedtime he drank a full bottle of cows milk. He's not picky, thank goodness. And I've done good as he is 11 1/2 months old!


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Mon, 04-18-2005 - 11:48pm

********* LOSS MENT *********

Like Reeni said, do not encourage your breasts to make more milk by massaging them or letting the hot water run over them (yes, it feels good, but....). When DD died (granted, I hadn't established a good supply) and my milk came in, I wrapped my breasts with an ace bandage and wore a super tight sports bra. It hurt like heck, but I was able to avoid mastitis and clogged ducts. It took about 2 weeks for them to be "back to normal". I didn't try the cabbage leaves as I hadn't heard of that trick but later heard that if you are allergic to any drug in the Sulfa group, not to do this as you will have a reaction (I do have this allergy so it was important that I found this out before I wean DS down the road here). Just wanted to put that out there in case it helps anyone else.

Good luck!!!


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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 1:57pm

Cabbage leaves in a good fitting bra. Change them everytime they start to wilt. Sudafed, also. Good luck!


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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 12:42pm

You poor woman!! IM so sorry. I just weaned after 6 months of pumping and I did it all wrong from day one. Here is what worked wonders for me in 3 days I was dried, no more plugged ducts and felt empty! Now, granted I pumped 50 oz. daily, your doing 15 IM sure this makes a difference (IM guessing) it took me almost 4 weeks to wean. If your going to do this cold turkey then here is what I would do. NO HOT SHOWERS, NO MASSAGING BREAST! This was my big mistake, I kept massging my breast and taking hot showers, this only makes your body want to produce more milk. DO use CABBAGE I swear by it now! DO take sudefed. Do wear a GOOD support bra and DO use ice packs! You can try to put an ace badnage on really tight but again this is a myth and my doc. said no, it wont help, it puts pressure and in return tells your body to produce. What I did was everything oppistie of what I did to increase my supply...

Take ADVIL also...=)

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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 10:45am


I am pretty sure I got a nasty case of thrush, and have been treating with gentian violet. This is the 3rd time since Troy's been 9 months old that I've had the pain, cracking and bleeding. I am tired of it!

Stick a fork in me and call me done!

If my son was picky I would care. But he doesn't.

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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 10:29am



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