Wishing To Decrease Supply

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Wishing To Decrease Supply
Mon, 04-18-2005 - 11:53pm

I posted this under "Milk Supply" but wanted to post it here too in hopes of it not missing someone who could help me.

I am a HVP and am wishing to decrease my supply. I end up throwing a lot of BM down the sink and hate the thought of doing so. I still have more than enough to build a freezer stash (but will run out of room if I freeze all left over at the volume I pump daily now). I want to drop my middle of the night pump and also decrease my daily volume by this amount (about 15 ounces). I currently pump at 7am, 12pm, 5pm, 10pm and 3am...getting about 13 - 15 ounces per session.

Any tips on how to do this? I know that technically I should empty out every time I pump but I fear I will never decrease my supply if I don't stop at my regular per session volume each time. Then again, I want to avoid mastitis and clogged ducts.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


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Tue, 04-19-2005 - 10:24am

Not sure if I answered your post in the other folder... but I would drop the 3AM pump and get more sleep!

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Tue, 04-19-2005 - 11:26am
Pumping gives a benefit over bfing. We can drop a pump slowly instead of eliminating an entire feeding. You could pump less time at night or pump until you get 10 ounces, then 8 ounces, then 6 etc. to get rid of that pump. Maybe slowly dropping will lessen discomfort.
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Tue, 04-19-2005 - 10:02pm

Hey pumping buddy-

In my decongestant thread someone said that Sudafed helped them wean.


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Wed, 04-20-2005 - 12:15am

Thanks Katherine! I have an abundance of stress.... that doesn't seem to be working on lowering my supply - LOL!

Thanks for the tip on decongestants... I'm gonna go read that thread right now.



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Wed, 04-20-2005 - 4:04pm

Hi Krista,

As I remember, I think Elliot and my son Nicky are right around the same birthday (Nicky is 11/6/04). Anyway, my point is, I think it is time to drop a pump, Girl! I am an HVP also and I am down to 3X/day. I pump at 7am, 2pm, and 9 or 10pm. I still get approx. 45 oz./day. Enough to feed Nicky and freeze at least 10 oz/day.

I would try dropping the middle of the night pump first. You might feel really full the first couple of mornings, but I was fortunate and didn't get any clogged ducts. I never really feel terribly uncomfortable, guess my bbs can hold a lot! Try it out and see what happens. Then, I pumped 4x/day for a month before going down to 3x/day.

Take Care!
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