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Sun, 06-15-2008 - 4:46pm

Hello there old friend!

It has been a while. I saw a few of your updates on your life since the NICU and I have to say that I tip my hat to you!!!! What a wonderful mommy you are and just how lucky Hayley and Lindsey are to have you! You have come a long was Chell and you are truly a hero to me! I wish you all the best and I hope that Hayley's upcoming surgery goes well. Sounds like she is quite the little trouper!!! They sure are both heart breakers!! Just too sweet!!!!

I miss you guys! Sounds like there are not too many of us "old timers" on the boards these days! I see Sharon has hung up her hat too! too bad! You guys both did a terrific job as CL!!! There boards sure are still quite busy nowadays! Sounds like you did a great job getting it on it's feet!

For my part, well, we are busy trying to set up our life for the next year! *LOL*. Alex is turning 4 at the end of the month (I still can't believe it!!) and he is going to finally be a big brother!!!!!!! I am 9 weeks pregnant and due on January the 18th! We are thrilled as we had been trying for quite a while. I feel like crap at the moment with a cold on top of the regular early pregnancy symptoms but it's all good. We just started making Alex's big boy room which he chose the team : Curious Georges. I'll have to post pics when it is all done! We haven't painted the walls yet but we got the furniture and wall stickers and bought everything we need so it's just putting it together! The rest of the house looks like a tornado hit it but oh well..... there is always tomorrow! *LOL*

Well, I just wanted to say hi and that I was thinking about you! Hang in there Chell. You are doing tremendously well!!! BTW, I am on Facebook if you have an account on there. Might be easier to keep in touch! I love hearing from you! Look me up under Celine Cormier (if you want that is!). You can always email me at I am not on the boards that often anymore although I am a bit more these days! *S*

Hope to hear from you soon!
An old friend,

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Sorry it took me so long.