My complicated weaning issues!

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My complicated weaning issues!
Sat, 06-28-2008 - 10:04am
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Sat, 06-28-2008 - 10:52am

congrats on making it a year, and with three kids to boot!

i would ask your doc to be sure, but according to the following site, less than 2% of the caffeine ingested gets into the milk, and nursing moms can have up to 5 cups of coffee a day if it doesn't bother their particular baby:

i personally am going to try for extended pumping 1-2 x a day. (i say that, but i'm having a hard time psychologically moving down to 3x!). i'm only an AVP, so i don't know what that will do to my supply. but i figure than even a cup of milk a day will be beneficial, especially since my Ian is in daycare and exposed to germs all the time.

that being said, we have to balance EPing with the other things going on in our lives. sounds like you might have a lot on your plate, and you've already made it really far, it won't be bad if you need to stop now.

what i would do is cut back to 2 or 1x a day, and see how you feel about it. are you making enough that it feels worth it to you? does cutting back to 2x a day make things more managable, or is it still too much of a time-sucker?

sounds like Violet is doing great! she's more advanced on some of her milestones than my little boy. :) Ian likes to take his time. hope you figure out what's right with you regarding EPing. you've done great to make it so far!

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Sat, 06-28-2008 - 4:15pm

I have no advice, but wanted to say good job mom!

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Sun, 06-29-2008 - 5:36pm

I also want to say Congrats on making it to a year! I only have one child and find it so difficult at times-I can't imagine with 3! You are a great mom!

I pump 3 times a day--5 am, 1pm, and 8pm.

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Mon, 06-30-2008 - 2:21am
Good job! You deserve an award for your hard work! Especially with three kids. I only have one and it is overwhelming at times for me. As for when to wean... Of course there are benefits to extended BFing. However, there are other things that you can do for a child to thrive like fixing healthy foods, spending time together, socializing with other kids, etc. You are probably spending a lot of time one-on-one with her for her to be so advanced! My 11 mo old isn't even signing yet. So if you decide to HUTH you shouldn't feel bad. You have done an amazing job to make it to one year! I am also trying to decide when to wean. I am three weeks short of a year. For me the issue is that I am a grad student and I could use the extra time to make progress on my dissertation. My DD benefits from my BM, but the whole family would benefit if I could finally finish school! I'm going to wean slowly and see how it goes. Now I'm down to 5x a day. Good luck with your choice.


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Thu, 07-03-2008 - 4:09pm

First of all