Help with starting; EBF to EPing

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Help with starting; EBF to EPing
Thu, 11-20-2008 - 12:40pm

Hello....I am new to this website but have found a ton of helpful advice.

I am making the switch from exclusive breastfeeding to exclusive pumping.....I commend so many of you on your months of HARD work!!!

I have been BFing for 12 weeks and am ready to wean. I am taking the unconventional way (or so I am told) of weaning I suppose.

I plan on stopping BFing and switching to EPing to start the weaning process. I was planning on decreasing the amount of minutes I pump for with each session every couple of days.

I am just not sure how to start.....meaning, how long should I start pumping for initially?

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Sun, 11-23-2008 - 9:19pm

Since you are EBF, you might want to start by pumping the same number of times that your LO normally would nurse.