Sudafed to wean

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Sudafed to wean
Sat, 11-22-2008 - 10:59am


I know I am new to this board....but it seems like a great place for some support!

I had our final breastfeeding session yesterday afternoon and officially began pumping to start weaning. We were having 8 feeds a day, approx every 3 I figured I would start pumping on that sort of schedule.

Every three hours last night and this morning I have pumped.....I tried to limit to just 10 min (I was block feeding, so I am block pumping now). I was able to get 3oz in those 10 min pretty much every pump so far.

I have been pretty engorged and a little uncomfortable. I started taking sudafed 30mg every 6 hours.....does anyone know how long it will take to show an effect on reducing supply??

I'm already taking lecithin, using cabbage, ice, and started on birth control earlier in the week. I really wish I could do this overnight, I know that is not possible. I just want it over with!

My baby had her first bottle last night and seemed to choke on it and sputter....guess she needs some practice! Overall, she tolerated it pretty well.

Any advice??? I wish they still gave parlodel or whatever that shot was called......that would have been great! Aside from the side effects I suppose.

Thanks for listening :-)

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Sun, 11-23-2008 - 9:35pm

Make sure you are using the right sudafed.