Clog while weaning

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Clog while weaning
Fri, 11-28-2008 - 11:21am

I am weaning... and feel a hard tender spot. Thinking clog. Do I pump it out or massage it out? Or do I just leave it and pray it doesn't get infected?

The pain isn't too bad as long as noody touches the boobs. LOL

I was down to 2 pumps/day and my supply was down significantly before I stopped pumping completely 2 days ago. Yesterday I just manually expressed about an ounce TOTAL.


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Fri, 11-28-2008 - 3:33pm
If it's painful, I'd try to massage and pump it out. I've only had a couple of clogs, but massaging along with heat helps (I used a heating pad before I pumped).

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