Need help weaning at 6 weeks

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Need help weaning at 6 weeks
Mon, 12-15-2008 - 1:19am

Well I've had too many bad days in the last week and I've decided to throw in the towel. This is my third child and it's just not fair to the kids to have me hooked up to the pump all the time. Plus I'm begging to get too stressed and frustrated and I need to have more time. I need help figuring out how to safely wean this early (at 6 weeks PP).

I've been pumping 7x a day and getting around 30oz. Yesterday I tried spacing my sessions all day; and by late afternoon I felt AWFUL. Headache, body aches, fever of 100, etc. I started reading about my symptoms and realized that I was probably moving too fast? Today I did 6 sessions, and got 27oz.

How do I safely wean myself -- but as quickly as possible? I didn't realize that my milk would be so established at this point that this was going to be hard.

As for BM -- I know all of it's benefits... and what I would be giving up. But I also look at the big picture that my two older kids were FF and turned out just fine. I chose to EP this time to help with the immunities since my oldest is bringing home germs from school. But at this point -- I'd rather be a sane mommy to all three kids than give her BM.

So -- how do I do this and how long can I expect it to take? Help!!

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Mon, 12-15-2008 - 2:39am

hey i just thought id say well done !!! youve done more than most would especially with other children, i cant imagine how youve been juggling it all for 6 weeks. i just weaned recently and it took me about a week and a half. id say i took it pretty fast though. i planned on taking longer as i thought id need to because i was getting round 50-55 oz a day but my body just seemed to respond well so i sped it up as i too was eager for it to be over and to focus on being a sane mummy. i used cabbage leaves for engorgement and i took sage and nuturo pharm "milk stop" and ibuprofen for pain relief when i needed it. if i were you id go with your body. as you said you felt some symptoms of mastitis so maybe take it slower to start with. i used the kellymom ideas but just fitted them to how i felt rather than exactly what it says.

i used the 2nd and 3rd ways on the list at the same time

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