How much do you get at 1x a day?

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How much do you get at 1x a day?
Mon, 10-26-2009 - 3:06pm

For those who pump 1x a day (or did), how much do/did you get? How many months pp were you when you dropped to 1x a day? How much did you used to get at the height of your EPing career and how many times a day did you pump then?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm not even a full 5 months pp and I have seriously had it with the pump, but I feel insanely guilty about wanting to quit. One time a day I could seriously handle, even if it meant I was only getting enough for one meal (any BM is better than none, right?)

I currently pump 5x a day and get about 30ish oz. I used to get 35-40, but my supply mysteriously dropped 4 weeks ago on the right side only, and went down to 25 a day overall. I am taking Dom and am back up to 30. I still have to supplement with frozen as DD is eating anywhere from 31-35 in a day. When the frozen runs out I will have to supplement with formula.

Anywho, I am going to drop to 4x a day starting next Monday (DD's 5-month birthday), even if it means another drop in my supply. I started thinking that as I have to give more formula, it may just become easier and easier to HUTH. But as I said, the idea of at least pumping 1x a day does sound great, and it may help to alleviate at least some of my guilt. :(

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Tue, 10-27-2009 - 12:22pm

Wanna throw your pump out the window? ;)



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Wed, 10-28-2009 - 1:10am

I dropped to 1 pump at almost 8 mo PP when I had decided to wean. I was getting about 50 oz at the peak of my pumping at around 3.5 months doing about 4 pumps a day. I dropped to 2 at 5 months and was still getting about 38oz. I did 2 pumps for 3.5 months. However when I dropped to 1 pump my supply dwindled quickly (also because I was dropping minutes at the same time) and I used to get around 8 oz. Then in about two weeks I got only 3 oz so I decided to HUTH.

I would recommend dropping 1 pump and see how it goes for a while and then drop another one. That way you will cover quite a few weeks before you know it and it will continuously get better. Good luck.

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Sat, 10-31-2009 - 9:09am

Just try dropping a pump to 4x/day and tell yourself you will make it another month on that schedule. Before you know it you will be at 6 mo. Then if you cannot stand it anymore, drop another pump to 3x/day and go for one month on that schedule.

I found 3x/day to be quite manageable and I could make it to a year on that schedule.

I currently pump 2.5x/day (basically every 10 hours) as every 8 hours was still too much milk and our deep freeze is full so I need to quit freezing.

If you want to try to get a few extra ounces out of you pumps then you could try hand expressing after pumping. Use a deep bowl to collect the spray. Dangle over the bowl on the kitchen counter and just milk away. Your fingers will be able to compress the milk sinuses in the areola and completely empty them out. The pump cannot do this as it works by sucking and tugging, no compression. This works best when the nipple is wet (use water or BM)

If you can't figure this out then lmk and I will be happy to give better instructions. I do it after every pump. Its oddly fun to spray the milk into the bowl (man, we EPers are weird!)



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