need help dropping pumps!

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need help dropping pumps!
Thu, 02-18-2010 - 6:04am

I have been EPing for over 14 months and I think we are finally finished (DS, who originally had a milk intolerance when he was young, now can take bottles with whole milk mixed with EBM).


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Thu, 02-18-2010 - 7:22pm

Your schedule is similar to mine at 3x. I gradually moved the afternoon pump back and dropped minutes from that pump only. I found I was fuller at the late evening and morning pumps, so I needed to keep the minutes up (at first) to help me fully drain at those times. I also moved the evening pump forward for a short time, and this helped bridge the transition.

I now pump at 5 AM, and again anytime between 6 PM - 9 PM. I've lost enough ounces that I have a lot of flexibility in the evening pump!

Good luck!



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