4 to 3 and weaning from Dom

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4 to 3 and weaning from Dom
Sun, 05-23-2010 - 10:48am

Has anyone taken Dom while pumping only twice a day?

I need to wean from the pump but take dom for supply. I now pump 4 times in 24 hours, the times vary based on what's going on with naps and whatnot. I want to get down to no more pumps. Quickly. Two questions.

According to the instructions, weaning from dom will take longer than weaning from the pump--supposed to drop one (of three) daily doses a week. At that rate I'll be weaning from the Dom for 20 weeks. Has anyone weaned off it faster? I'm concerned about depression, that's apparently a side effect of weaning too fast. Did you have side effects from quitting dom?

It's tough to go 8 hours between pumps during the day--both because of LOs schedule and comfort--but I can do at least that long when I'm sleeping. There have been more than a few occasions when I've slept through pumps and gone more than 10 hours. I have gotten clogs but not awful ones and (knock wood) no infections. I'm wondering if I should just go 12 hours over the evening and still do two during the day. 8p, 8a, 2p. Does this sound reasonable? I take lecithin once a day and maybe I'll add a second dose.

I've been pumping since 4mo PP and LO is almost a year.