feeling stressed about supply

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feeling stressed about supply
Wed, 04-06-2005 - 10:13pm

A couple of weeks ago I dropped to 3 pumps per day...it is really all that I can handle with my job. I have to say that it is for the best, I am so much happier. But, I am starting to stress about my supply. I am keeping up with Jillian's needs still, but a lot of my friends who have breastfed are trying to convince me that I am going to "dry up" by only pumping that often. I did see a decline in my supply, but like I said, I am still making enough. I guess I am just looking for some support from people who only pump a few times per day.

My current stats: Jillian is 14 weeks, and I pump about 28 oz per day with 3 total pumps. I use a PIS and today I "upgraded" to larger breastshields. I do see more sprays and they are more comfortable, so we'll see how it goes! Did anyone see an increase in milk when they got bigger shields? I guess I am sort of hoping I will.

Also, as Jillian gets older, can I expect her to drink more milk, or stay about the same since she will also start getting cereal, etc. soon? I am sure this has been answered before, but I am just a stress ball right now and can't think straight to remember.

Lastly, all of the sudden I am really self-conscious about pumping. I don't know why, but I feel like I need to be covered up. The only other person in my house is my husband, and even around him I am feeling awkward about pumping. It's like when I am sitting there i feel really fat and kind of like a cow. Has anyone else gone through this? Like I said, I am just stressed for some reason. Thanks for listening!!!!!!

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Wed, 04-06-2005 - 10:45pm

I'm not sure about pumping long term on a few pumps. I know I've read that some have done it, but I'm not sure what their output was. I have recently dropped to 4 pumps a day (was supposed to be five pumps a day, but can't seem to get up early enough to get my day started soon enough) and have seen a dramatic decrease in daily total so I was about to post to ask if I would be able to keep up what I'm doing at four pumps or if I need to up to five. I was getting 45-50 oz a day and now get 30-35 oz a day.

My dd is drinking the same amount of EBM at six and a half months as she did at 6 weeks. She refuses all solids (won't even take straight EBM off a spoon) so I'm not sure about amounts changing when they start solids.

I can't stand to have my husband in the room when I pump, but I'm not sure it's a self-conscious thing...he just annoys me. Although lots of things annoy me when it's time to pump or when I'm pumping.

What really drove me to your post though is that Jillian and I share a birthday. If you celebrate Christmas (don't want to offend you if you're Jewish or something) I just wanted to mention that my parents did everything they could to separate my birthday from Christmas. We celebrated Christmas at my house and then on my birthday we went to my grandparents house to celebrate my birthday and they wrapped my presents in the most un-
Christmas birthday paper they could find. I also never had a birthday party with my friends near my birthday since they all had oodles of family things they were doing because of the holiday. But the best thing of having a "Day after Christmas" birthday was I never had to go to school on my birthday. You may have already thought of ways to make your dd's birthday special so you can ignore what I said, but I just appreciated the way my parents tried to make my birthday special.

Hope someone can answer your pumping questions better.

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Wed, 04-06-2005 - 11:16pm

Thanks Melissa,
Separating her BDay from Christmas is a big priority for me, and I am always looking for tips on how to do so!!!


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Wed, 04-06-2005 - 11:30pm

Sorry you are stressed. It is great that you can get 28 ounces with only three pumps. You have been pumping for months, so you are not just going to dry up over night without being able to do something about it. --I'm sorry you are feeling fat. Usually, I'm okay until about 6 months post-partum, then I start feeling like the wt. will never come off. Actually, I have a bad couple of days myself. I got a swimsuit catalogue and the reality of my new body is setting in. Even though, I am at my prepreg. wt. no more bikinis for me.


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Wed, 04-06-2005 - 11:59pm
I could have almost written that word for word!! My DS was born 12-27-04 and I am working on dropping my 6th pump but Im SO paranoid about a supply drop. Ive just started supplementing so I can have something to freeze. I dont think you should worry about drying up. I think some of the alumni can vouch for that. Have you tried Lecithin? Maybe you just need to "unsticky" your ducts?!? It works like a charm for me.
Oh and about your DH...mine does the same. Watching me pump fascinates him for some reason. It makes me feel like such a lump sitting there with my bbs hanging out! I have to tell him to buzz off, that hes weirding me out. Sometimes I feel like I want to go and pump in the bathroom just to get some privacy!!! Maybe you should tell your DH to give you a little space...or maybe a lot of space...go do something productive and less annoying!! LOL!!
How long do you plan to pump for? I was thinking 6 months just so I can go on a diet this summer and have some free time with my DS without dragging around the pump.
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Thu, 04-07-2005 - 7:22am

I know what you mean!


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Thu, 04-07-2005 - 7:56am

In all probability, you aren't going to dry up!


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Thu, 04-07-2005 - 11:54am

I pump 3x a day too and haven't had any trouble -- my supply dropped a little but has stayed totally stable since. When I dropped to 3x I just prepared myself to supplement or take supply boosters if it came to that.

But I stress out anyway -- everytime DD has a growth spurt and needs a couple extra bottles a day I freak out and DH has to talk me down ^_^ even though it just means I don't freeze anything for a while!

On feeling exposed while you pump -- it doesn't bug me for DH to be in the room, but I still feel exposed (and cold sometimes!) even if I'm alone, so what I do is I took this huge zip-up hoodie I wore when I was PG and I put it on open over whatever I'm wearing when I pump, and I can pull the sides in to cover my stomach and everything else under my hands-free strap so I feel more comfortable. And my t-shirt or whatever is covering everything above it -- I'm sure it looks extra-weird to be covered except for these pump things sticking out of my clothes! But it makes me feel more comfortable.


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Thu, 04-07-2005 - 9:26pm

Thank you ladies for your support. I just really needed to hear it from people who are going through the same thing. You are all so awesome!!!!

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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 2:39pm

I went to Wal_mart and got a couple of the largest t-shirts I could find to wear while pumping. I got size 4X and they work great! I hate anyone seeing me pumping.

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Mon, 04-11-2005 - 6:31pm

*LOL* You girls are all so funny and creative about finding out ways to discreetly pump! I thought it was just me that hated having my husband watch me pump. I didn't think that he would be so fascinated, but I've caught him sneaking a look every now and then. Even though I've been lucky in that I lost all the baby weight and a little more (almost 4 months PP, but was overweight when I got pregnant), I still feel like a fat cow, too! Mooo! Someone please tell me that the stretchmarks really do fade?!

I'm curious about the supply and demand question, too. My DD is almost 4 months and drinking 4 oz. of EBM 6x/day. It doesn't seem like enough to me - especially since my 2 month old nephew is drinking 5 oz. of formula 7x/day.