Pump, interrupted

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Pump, interrupted
Fri, 04-08-2005 - 3:33pm
I have a question- if during a pumping session you have to stop and feed or comfort your baby, do you ruin your supply or confuse your boobs if you keep going back to your pumping session? I just took an hour to do a 20 minute pump. First the baby was hungry and then he was cranky. I still pumped a good amount- 6 ounces...but it was over the course of an hour. Just wondering what you gals do and if this is OK.
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Fri, 04-08-2005 - 3:51pm


As much as it may seem like it, I don't think bbs have a mind of their own. I don't think you can "confuse" them. :-) As long as you empty them to signal your body to make more bm, and pump regularly to signal your body that there is a demand for bm, I think you'll be OK.

Of course, it's not the "preferred" way, and we would all love to pump uninterrupted, but there are times we have to stop so don't worry.

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Fri, 04-08-2005 - 7:40pm

First of all, I love the title for this post!!!

Second, I do what you descibe a fair amount. I asked Mindy about it a long time ago and she thought it was OK as long as you keep your pumping schedule and fully empty. It's sort of like having a breastfeeding baby that likes to "graze." I don't think my supply has been hurt as a result. Sometimes if I am having a "bad pump" and can't empty I do the same thing until my body responds better. I remember Chelle saying she would sometimes take a 10 minute break and then resume.

So, while it isn't ideal, I think it's OK--you just have to do what you can, you know?