Will Engorgement Ever Go Away?

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Will Engorgement Ever Go Away?
Sat, 04-09-2005 - 11:34pm

My DS, Owen is 8 weeks today and I am a HVP (45-50 oz). I've really been struggling lately because of the neuromuscular disease I have. I use to pump 8-10 times a day but for about one week and a half I've dropped to 7 pumps. At night i pump at 11 pm and pump again at 5 am. I can hardly stand the pain...I am always struggling and sometimes if I wake up because of my son, like at 3 am I HAVE to pump for relief. The same thing happens in the day...Sometimes I can't go four hours in between (I don't have set times that I pump, I just make sure I get the pumps in. Sometimes it is 2 hours, 3 or even 4 hours) and I have to pump. I get sweaty and itchy and soooo sore. I don't mind pumping so often because I'm still in the 12 week frame but eventually I'd like to only pump 4 or 5 times a day. I feel like this may be impossible for me...Any advice or info? Is this normal?


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Mon, 04-25-2005 - 1:02pm
This is a relief to hear...I've been dropping pumps and yow! They hurt!
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Sun, 04-10-2005 - 9:12pm

Just wanted to echo what Jenn said. I used to *have* to pump every 4-5 hours or I was in pain. Now, I don't even feel full until 9-10 hours have passed. I pumped today after 5 hours (so I could out this afternoon) and I was shocked at how much milk was actually in there...they still felt soft. :-)

So just hang in there.

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Sun, 04-10-2005 - 7:44am

After 12 weeks it starts to go away.