Am I pumping often enough?

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Am I pumping often enough?
Thu, 04-14-2005 - 12:44pm

Right from the start I never could produce much milk. I bf and pumped a little until my DS was about 6 weeks. Then he just would not bf anymore except at night. I was never really good at pumping but started pumping 3-4 times a day and bfing through the night. Now I am back at work. I pump for an hour in the morning, my lunch hour, and an hour when I get home. If I can I also pump later in the evening. Each time I get about 4 ounces. I would love to be able to produce more. How can I do this - should I pump twice at work, pump during the night (he does not bf so much during the night anymore)? How long should I go maximum between pumpings? I read everywhere on this board that your supply is set by 12 weeks. Am I too late now - he is 14 weeks old now. Is anyone else pumping at this output or is everyone else getting more? I get so discouraged about pumping but I really, really want to at least get to six months with him.


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Thu, 04-14-2005 - 2:43pm
You are still lactating and have not quit, so I think your chances are pretty good. Heck, some adopting moms induce lactation, so who knows. An hour sounds pretty long to me. I would more often with shorter pumps. Twice at work and once at night sounds like a good addition. Make sure you have a good pump. At fourteen weeks, I would consider supply boosters. They can get quite expensive though!
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Thu, 04-14-2005 - 3:03pm
I would add more pumps but disagree with PP about shortening them.


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