How many mg of fenugreek & supply Q's

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How many mg of fenugreek & supply Q's
Sat, 04-16-2005 - 7:08pm
This is my 1st time joining you all and I was hoping you might be able to help me out. My dd is 7 wks old (born 5 wks early) and I am trying to EP for her. I was hoping to nurse but due to weight issues her ped wanted her on a bottle. Anyways it turns out I have a low milk supply I am very lucky if I get 3oz every 3 hrs, usually about 10-15oz a day. I am taking fenugreek pills (2 a day) but I was wondering what the appropriate mg intake is. A couple women I have talked to said they take theirs 3 times a day. I am also drinking mothers milk tea, atleast 4 cups a day. On top of this I eat oatmeal every morning. Yet my supply is just not increasing. I am feeling kind of desperate at this point b/c I am having to give her atleast 2 oz of formula at most of her feedings and she is having a very hard time with it. She is so constipated she has to be suppositoried to go poo. I was hoping someone might be able to help me out. So far I just keep getting the same advice that I'm already doing. Sorry this has gotten so long and rambly, but I wanted you yo have all the facts. Thank you all in advance for any help you might have. I am so glad I found this board and hope that I can be around more often.
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Sat, 04-16-2005 - 9:21pm
Maybe a different brand of formula or a different consistency will help with constipation while you work on your milk supply. It is important to have a good pump and frequent stimulation to produce more milk. Can or are you pumping eight times a day for at least fifteen minutes? I used fenugreek and blessed thistle together both were three caps three times a day. After four days, I increased three ounces on 6 pumps a day (I was much further postpartum). It got to be quite expensive though. I'm not sure of your dosage and if you should take the caps and drink the tea. Don't they both have fenugreek? Let us know the name of your pump and how often and long your pumps are so we can help more.
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Sat, 04-16-2005 - 10:34pm

What kind of pump are you using and how often are you pumping and for how long?


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Sun, 04-17-2005 - 1:45am

I'm in the same situation you are. My DD is 8 weeks and i have been EP for 4 weeks. I have a low supply issue too. I take enugreek 2X a day ( going to increase to 3x a day), i eat oatmeal everyday and i pump every 3 hrs for at least 40 mins. Sometimes when i'm up to it, i pump for a full hour yet i can only produce around 3 oz every pump session ( just like you). If it makes you feel better, you are not alone. Some women like us just have a low supply issue but don't give up. Stick to what you are doing and hope for the best.

Because i have such a low supply, i supplement 2 oz every feeding. At first i felt sooooo guilty for doing this but i had no choice. For the first week my DD was constipated too and it scared me to death. After 5 days, she finally went and it was a BIG stinky one :). Try taking your fingure and massaging her down there. This cause a reflex and makes most babies go. I did it for 2 days and that's when she finally went. After that we still struggled w/ the constipated but soon her body got use to the formula. I know the iron in formula is what causes the constipated so you might want to change to a different type that doesn't have iron.

Don't wory if you have to supplement. It's very common and there's nothing wrong with it. We all do what we have to. All long as she's getting a little of your milk it's better than nothing.

Take Care