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Wed, 04-20-2005 - 10:32pm

Hi there!
I am really having a hard time with pumping/supplementing, and I believe I read someplace that you've been supplementing this whole time, and I know your little one is approaching a year old. How did you motivate yourself to keep pumping while you were supplementing? I started out making more than DS was eating, but in the last month, my supply has dropped quite significantly, and he's getting about half BM, half formula. He's a HUGE eater, at around 40+ ounces per day. But when I sit there and pump for 20 min and only get 3-4 oz, I get so depressed, and I feel like quitting. I tried fenugreek and it didn't help, and I'm not sure about buying Domperidone online--just makes me nervous. There is a history of depression & mental illness in my family, so I don't want to risk the Reglan...I just can't seem to get my supply back--first I had the stomach flu, then a terrible cold/allergy problem, and some serious stress. It seems all combined together really killed my supply and all the water and oatmeal in the world won't get it back up there...

I'd love any tips you might have. I know even half BM is good for him, but it is so discouraging...

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Thu, 04-21-2005 - 6:23am

There were only a couple days here and there that I didn't have to supplement.