Is More Milk Plus effective?

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Is More Milk Plus effective?
Wed, 04-28-2010 - 11:09pm

Has anyone tried More Milk Plus to increase milk supply? If so, how quickly did it work and what type of increase did you see (how many ounces pumped before taking it vs. after taking it)?

As of now, I pump around 2 oz. total from both sides combined (sometimes less) and my daughter is 7 weeks old and she eats between 3 - 4 oz. per feeding so I have to give her formula.

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Thu, 04-29-2010 - 11:00pm

I use More Milk Plus.

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Sat, 05-01-2010 - 9:24pm
I took this as well and didn't see a noticeable increase. I had better luck with a round of Reglan and continued use of Fenugreek. The More Milk Plus was just too expensive to keep buying without much of an increase.
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Mon, 05-03-2010 - 3:25pm

I just started taking it Saturday and have not noticed a difference yet...

I am feeling nervous because I was so hoping to see an increase in supply. I'll keep you posted.

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Tue, 05-04-2010 - 1:59pm

I started taking it from the beginning. IDK if it worked or not. I was/am a HVP, and I was scared to stop taking it. So, it may have worked for me, or it might not have. I stopped taking it at 4 months when I dropped to 4 pumps a day. I had a decrease, but that could be correlated to the dropped pump.

I would try it and give it two weeks. It can't hurt. Some info:

They are serious about the water thing. It's important that a concentrated dose go into your system. I used to take it after pumping (so 20 min w/ o water) and then wait to drink until I'd made up all the bottles and cleaned up.

If you weight over 175 lbs, you need to take the increased dose. Don't skimp. I'm an Amazon, so I was taking a lot of them.

It may make you or LO gassy. I thought it made me gassy, but it turned out to be the oatmeal!

You can buy in a healthfood store or online. My local healthfood store has a 25% off vitamins sale quarterly. I just stocked up then. You can buy from Google "doulashop coupon code" to find a discount code to use at checkout.

Good luck!


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Wed, 05-05-2010 - 9:16pm
I have been taking More Milk Plus for about a month now. It is the only think that has worked for me. I tried fenugreek alone and it didnt work. I was like you, only pumping about 2 ounces total at a time and now I am pumping about 6-8 ounces per time. It made a noticable difference after about 2 days. Try it- it may work for you too! Everyone is different so you may need to try multiple things before you get something to work. Stay in touch with your LC. They are a wealth of knowledge and support! Good luck!