Milk dried up on one side

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Milk dried up on one side
Mon, 05-03-2010 - 12:11pm
I have a friend who is having supply issues. She has had one side completely dry up. What can she do to relactate? She has rented a pump to try to keep her supply up. I am trying to help her through all of this. Her son is 17 weeks old and she has had supply issues from the beginning. I have also given her this message board to come to for support. Thanks everyone!!!
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Mon, 05-03-2010 - 7:53pm
she can talk with her ob about getting dom or reglan.
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Tue, 05-04-2010 - 12:01am
Hi I also had low supply and at this point in the game she most likely will need some help from meds dom or reglan.