Taylor and I had a wonderful day. (m)

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Taylor and I had a wonderful day. (m)
Thu, 04-17-2003 - 3:57pm
After we took care of my follow up appt (LOVED the dr they referred me to), we had some fun.

We went shoe shopping for her, she's not sure what she thinks about them. Little girl sandals are so cute. Then we stopped for lunch. Went and did some other shopping and picked up her pictures. She and I just had a good time making each other giggle (of course I had the job of keeping her out of EVERYTHING within reach).

I can't believe my sweet baby girl is going to be one tomorrow!!!

Holly & Taylor (who has a very big day coming up)

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Fri, 04-18-2003 - 11:58am
Sounds like a wonderful mommy-daughter day!! So sweet :o) And ITA about the sandals. I just found some "big-girl" nightgowns for Zoie and I love them. She looks so grown! (DH thinks I'm silly for making such a big deal out of it but I just can't help it, you know?)LOL

Glad you found a good DR!!


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Sun, 04-20-2003 - 10:23pm
Holly, glad to hear that you had such a good day! Hopefully Taylor will be more into shoe shopping soon ~ lol. Please take care of yourself and keep us updated. Kristie