BTDT Poll!! Baby items....

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BTDT Poll!! Baby items....
Wed, 04-23-2003 - 10:31am
What 5 baby items/proucts could you NOT live without and why??

What 5 baby items/products were a waste of your time or $$ and why??

Patti, mom to Zoie McKenna (4/2/02) and Zavier Vincent (12/7/07)


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 10:52am
What 5 baby items/proucts could you NOT live without and why??

boppy pillow (not only for BF'ers) It saved my arms while bottle feeding and allwed me to relax during those middle of the night feedings without the fear of my baby falling out of my arms

humidifier - A must have for me! Zoie was very congested at birth. The ped siad it had to do with her having lived in a wet enviroment for 9 months and now she's suddenly in a dry one. I never would have thought of it!

Snugli (or any type of infant carrier) - Zoie loved to be walked around and this was the easiest way for me to keep my hands free.

Bouncy/Vibrating seat - did wonders for my colicky baby

Exersaucer - Zoie loved to be able to sit up & play in hers!!

What 5 baby items/products were a waste of your time or $$ and why??

hooded baby towels - I bought several types and found that they were all too thin for my taste.

breast pump (in my case at least)

travel bottle warmer (hooks up to the cigarette lighter in your car) - neat idea but I just never had the need for it

baby monitor - we sleep in the same room and the house is small enough to hear her anyway

shoes - We didn't bother with shoes till Zoie was several months old

Patti, mom to Zoie McKenna (4/2/02) and Zavier Vincent (12/7/07)


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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 8:30am
What 5 items we couldn't live without:

1. Lots of washcloths...newborn skin usually doesn't agree with wipes so you go through a ton

2. A baby chair for the great when they can't sit yet, it's almost like having an extra hand in the tub

3. Exersaucer...great transition toy from the swing

4. Swing...that thing was the only thing that let me get anything done months 2 through 4

5. Convertible toys...we have a table that is to help babies stand, but the top on the floor provides lots of entertainment and we have a little bike that helped with walking that she can later ride.

What 5 things that we think were a waste:

1. Shoes, Taylor just started wearing them

2. Infant robes...they are cute, but it takes way too much to get a baby into the robe and then out of it to get dressed

3. Overly dressy outfits...once in awhile they are fine, but Taylor doesn't like to be in them often

4. Pacifiers...we had a ton and Taylor didn't have a use for them (in fact, she takes them out of other babies mouths)

5. Wipe warmers...just seems like a breeding place for germs.

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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 9:20am
What 5 baby items/proucts could you NOT live without and why??

Baby Sling: Jared was very fussy and the sling would calm him down immediately and it let me get things done around the house.

Baby Swing: We got the Fisher Price Cradle swing and it will swing side to side. Jared loved this and would nap and sleep great in it. We used it until he was about 10mo old and too big for it.

Boppy Pillow: Great for raising him to my breast to feed. And it's good on the floor to prop up the baby.

Flannel blankets: Great for swaddling baby

Changing Table: I still put Jared on it to change him at 21mo.

What 5 baby items/products were a waste of your time or $$ and why??

Crib: Jared sleeps with us, so it was a waste of money in the beginning. I do have it sidecarred to our bed, so he does sleep in it in the beginning of the evening now and I do put him down in it for naps. He didn't sleep in it until about 10mo.

Pacifiers: Jared didn't take one until about 15wks and then totally gave it up at 10mo.

Hooded bath towels: They are too thin.

Pack 'N Play: We've only used ours a couple of times.

Shoes: He didn't wear shoes until he was a year old.


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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 2:15pm
Things we love:

(1) Tot Locks... Kevin started getting into cabinets as soon as he could roll... these keep the doors completely shut all the time; they don't open a little bit and let him get pinched the way the older ones do. Just be sure to keep the eys in the same place all the time, so you can always find them!

(2) Avent Isis breast pump... it was the third pump I bought, and the only one I really loved. And, the Avent people were great at replacing a part quickly & free of charge (free first time only) when it broke.

(3) Cradle... When Kevin was a newborn, he slept in his cradle right next to our bed. I could lay in bed and rock him if he was fussy, or check on him at any time. I loved it.

(4) Pacifiers! I know many people don't use them, and some babies refuse them. But Kevin had a very strong sucking reflex from the time he was born, and we couldn't survive without them!

(5) Gerber Washcloths and Carter's Hooded Towels... Each are the softest, gentlest things for cleaning babies that I found. I know others have said they don't like hooded towels because they're too thin, but Carter's are pretty thick, and Kevin loves them, too. I don't think it's possible to own too many washcloths!

Things we could live without:

(1) A Bouncy Seat... I say this because only I never bought one. We did use a swing Kevin loved, though. I just didn't want to clutter up the space with too much until I knew we needed it.

(2) Changing Table... We have one and I use it, but I still don't think we NEED it. During the day, I usually change Kevin downstairs on a changing pad that came with his diaper bag. Upstairs I use the changing table, but another diaper pad would work just as well. The good thing about the table is it gives more storage space for all the stuff we need in Kevin's room. The problem is, it's all in Kevin's reach, so the nursery is not a room I can let Kevin play in at all.

(3) Rattles. Kevin rarely ever played with them, especially the onles you're supposed to attach to his wrists or ankles. They're cute, but they just never held his interest. Luckily, 90% of the ones we have were gifts, so I wasn't the one buying them!

(4) Disposable bibs... For some reason, Kevin really hates these, much as I wish it weren't so. He'll wear normal bibs, but he screams and fusses and yanks at disposable bibs every time I try to use them (this complaint is probably very specific to my son!)

(5) Scent-sational toys... I don't know if they really do stimulate babies, but the smell made me sick, and so I never really wanted Kevin to play with it! Also, we got a little water-filled mat that was supposed to encourage tummy-time. Kevin got sick of it in days, and it got moldy inside pretty quickly.

Other things we love that didn't make the top 5: Exersaucers, Mommy Bear (makes heartbeat sounds to soothe baby), baby-size hangers (I hang up almost all Kevin's clothes, since they're hard to keep neat in drawers!), disposable placemats that stick to tables... Kevin can't pull them off (used at restaurants mostly), Boppy, Walker/ride-on car combo, shoes that Kevin can't pull off... bcs otherwise he pulls his socks off constantly while we're out!

Michelle & Kevin

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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 4:17pm
This is hard. There is very little that we did not use a lot at the correct stage.

What 5 baby items/proucts could you NOT live without and why??

1. Bouncy seat - Maggie loved hers! She would sit in it while I showered each day. I was sad when she out grew it!

2. Snugli - She spent a lot of hours in this. It is a lot easier than a stroller. I loved having my hands free and not having to worry about her stroller while we were out.

3. Baby tub - It is the kind that grows with the baby. Maggie still uses this in the seat position. It is so much easier to bath her without having to worry about her falling.

4. Farm Saucer - She still uses this. We love it and it is a safe place for her to play. Sometimes we use her pack and play as well. Maggie actually asks to go in her pack and play!

5. Glider - We got one of those expensive gliders (I forget the brand) and have been discussing getting a second one for the second floor. We love it. It is the favorite seat in our house.

What 5 baby items/products were a waste of your time or $$ and why??

1. Bottle/baby food warmer - We never used it. Maggie did not have bottles at home and I do not warm her baby food. She is happy to eat it cold out of the refridgerator.

2. Although it is a family heirloom and did not cost anything, Maggie hated her bassinet. She slept with us during this time. She would wake up and scream immediately upon being put in it.

3. Crib bumpers - Our doctor told us not to use them because of SIDS so we never put them in the crib.

4. Regular sheets - Maggie will only sleep on flannel sheets!

5. I guess I would say pacifiers, but I never wanted Maggie to have one so I really did not try to get her to take one!

Brenda and Maggie (13 1/2 months)

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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 4:12pm
baby items I would buy again.....



3-mobile-fisher price changing sensations (there's a demo of it at

zachary absolutely adore it-will coo and laugh and talk at it while he's in his crib

4-bottle warmer there are lots to choose from-we got one at walmart for under $9

5-diaper genie (difficult to figure out the first time but works great!!!!!)

6-avent variable flow nipples/bottles

7-avent microwave bottle sterilizer

8-stroller (graco literider)

9-baby mittens (so handy)

baby items I wouldn't buy again

1-so many baby bottles-zachary was a preemie and for a LONG time would only use the bottles used in NICU and then we had to switch to AVENT because we had to put cereal in with his formula because he had reflux....

2-wipe warmer--nice idea but it dries out the wipes and they turn brown if you don't "flip" the stack every few days....

That's all I can think of at this moment-I'm probably forgetting something......