Zachary's surgery went great !

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Zachary's surgery went great !
Thu, 08-28-2003 - 11:38pm

Well, today was the day.Zachary had surgery this morning.We started

out at 5:15 (suprise I woke him up for once.) we got to the office at

6-6:05 in the door at 6:15 talking to nurses & secretaries & Dr's.they

said it would take about 1&1/2 hours.they got him ready & took his

picture & played alittle so he would be comfortable with them.Then off

he went at 6:55.We waited & waited and it seemed like forever.But they

kept coming out to tell us he was fine.After they work him up he was

cranky but just becuase he wanted breakfast.this was about 8:30 .they

said to give him juice but that just made him more they said he

could have his formula then he was fine.We left the office at 9:15 got

some prescriptions and he's been himself pretty much all day.He is really

swollen down there,and doesn't like his diaper (he's tried to pull it off

quite a few times today.) He went to bed late .I figured he'd had a big

day he could go to bed whenever.he was out at about 8:30 his bedtime is

8 so thats not bad.Fell asleep in daddy's arms just cause daddy wanted to

put him to sleep & hold his baby.He will go to the Dr again on Sept 2nd and

have the stint out ,and one stitch cut the rest should have disolved by then.

so I will let you know more when I do.Thanks for everyones support & hugs we

needed them.Me & daddy probably more than Zachary. Sandra & Richard

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Thu, 08-28-2003 - 11:50pm
Sandra, I'm so happy things went well. You definetly have to keep us updated on his progress. :) It's good that your taking care of everything now. (I heard circumcision was a lot worse as the guy got older) I hope he continues to do as well as he has been. Sounds like he's a little trooper! So are his mommy and daddy...he's a very lucky little man!

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Fri, 08-29-2003 - 9:23am

I'm so happy to hear Zachary's surgery went well! I was thinking about you yesterday. Sounds like he's a real trooper! Please keep us updated.


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