Update on me and board biz :) Plz read!

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Update on me and board biz :) Plz read!
Tue, 09-16-2003 - 12:19am
Hello everyone. Well let me first say, that I'm really happy with the way the board has been going. When I first joined the board, there was maybe 20-30 post a day or so. But since we have gotten over a hundred a couple of times! I wanted to let everyone know that next Wednesday till the following Sunday, I will be somewhat MIA. My mother will be in town from Indiana and I will be busy with her. So that brings about my first question...Is there someone that would like to fill in for me those couple of days filling in daily posts? I'm also going to check with parentsplace.com to see if we can have two CLs. I'm thinking they do that by how many daily posts we have to see if it's really necessary. But I would love to have a second.

Also, I wanted to say that I've been busy working on dieting and just being a mama. But I'm trying to keep up with the board as much as possible. I was wondering if anyone had any more ideas to make the board interesting? I would love any! I was thinking about a word of the day, horoscopes posted daily or maybe buddies for mamas to be with mamas with babies. That could correspond by email. I have had one person contact me with that idea. My job here is to make this board a fun place for you to post and enjoy. And your opinions are very important to me. So please don't hold back!

If you need someone to talk to about as well, if you feel like speaking to someone more personally or have a personal question that I can post for you so no one knows you asked, I don't know, whatever! Let me know! My email address is R0xyg4l@hotmail.com

Also, I'm working on the First Time Moms Club "Whos who" page. I'm updating it as I get info from you. So please send pics, stories, whatever you'd like to share!

Lastly, we hit 25+ on the nicknames for baby in belly thread! I got to show off our thread to all of the CLs as a "hot thread". Great job!

Happy posting!

~Kristina & Ani Rose 3/21/03

  Kristina & Ani Rose 3/21/03   

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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 7:19am
Keep up the good work, Kristina! I can't wait to check out the who's who! Have fun with your family.