~*~Wednesday Whoa!~*~

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~*~Wednesday Whoa!~*~
Tue, 09-30-2003 - 11:03pm

Today lets do...10 things I love about me! (well you actually lol)

I shall start :D

1. I love my gorgeous daughter.

2. My wonderful husband.

3. I love that my family is so close in heart.

4. I love that I'm very laidback, and handle stressful situations well.

5. I love my weird sense of humor.

6. I love that I can make myself laugh with my weird sense of humor and don't mind if everyone else thought it was dumb. lol

7. I love my cute little quirky glasses, and my green eyes that hide behind them.

8. I think I can be a great friend to have, even though I don't have many friends.

9. I love how tall I am, and even how my butt looks flat and small sometimes lol.

10. I like what bit of creativity lies within me. That produces the words I love to write down which express my soul.

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Wed, 10-01-2003 - 4:39pm
Hmm, I'll bite! I'll see if I can come up with ten...

I Love...(obviously not in this order!!)

1) my big blue eyes.

2) my expanding belly.

3) my personality.

4) my husband, Bret.

5) my pug, Reese.

6) the fact that I grew up in the country.

7) my awesome family (in-laws too!).

8) that I live in a tiny town.

9) my craft abilities-love to scrapbook.

10) my friends.


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Thu, 10-02-2003 - 12:35pm