Did you make any lifestyle/diet chang...

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Did you make any lifestyle/diet chang...
Wed, 10-01-2003 - 3:11pm

Did you make any lifestyle/diet changes when you found out you were pregnant?

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  Kristina & Ani Rose 3/21/03   

"A child said, What is the grass

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Wed, 10-01-2003 - 3:18pm

When I first found out I was pregnant, I made the BIG mistake of getting What to Eat when You are Expecting accidentally instead of What to Expect When your Expecting. This was a mistake because my DH read it, and attempted to completely change my diet. He had me eating like 16 grain bread, he made me not use so much butter, and he cut off my coney dog supply lol. Towards the end,

  Kristina & Ani Rose 3/21/03   

"A child said, What is the grass

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Wed, 10-01-2003 - 4:45pm
Before I became pregnant (planned pregnancy), I gave up:

1.) A Vitamin A (Retinol)-based skin medication

2.) Running (approx. 4 miles, four/five days a week)

3.) Alcoholic drinks of any kind

4.) Unfiltered water

After I became pregnant, I added to the above:

5.) Hot baths/hot tub soaks/steam rooms/saunas

6.) Foods with a large number of artificial ingredients (mainly, foods with MSG in them)

7.) Lifting, climbing stairs

8.) Using chemicals like spraypaint to work on our house or used furniture

9.) Eating a nearly-vegetarian diet (I eat meat at least once a day and eat/drink dairy at least twice a day)

10.) No inline skating, biking, other "balancing" types of activities

I guess the major lifestyle change I've made overall is that I'm really taking it easy and not doing nearly as much as I normally do. I'm also trying to eat a more balanced diet and eating more of the food groups rather than dieting.

#1, boy, Nov. 16

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Thu, 10-02-2003 - 10:08pm
i cut out caffine and raw fish and tuna
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Fri, 10-03-2003 - 7:51am
I made changes to my eating by

~adding more meat

~not smoking

~not drinking

~cutting down on caffiene big-time, 1 cup of coffee on Monday and a soda on Friday (I have cheated and had a soda during the week once in a while)

~cutting out all the very physical work my job required

~getting more sleep

~watching what I eat in general!


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