Playtex Nursers! Read if Interested!

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Playtex Nursers! Read if Interested!
Fri, 10-10-2003 - 6:59pm
Hello Everybody. Before we had our baby we went and got Playtex Nurser Bottles,Nipples,Drop In Bags. We wanted to use these because my first 2 children had reflux,colic, and thrush so we did not want our new baby to get this also. Last Thursday my baby stopped eating. We got real scared and took her to the Doctor ($15 co-pay). He said it was because she had a ear infection and a sinus infection and the antibiotic was upsetting her stomach. So he changed her Formula for a couple of days and took her off the antibiotic. She still was not eating though so we found out she did not like the nipples we were using so we went and got a different kind of Playtex Nipple. She still was not eating! So we had these Parent Choice Bottles and decided to use them. She Loves them! She takes her bottle in 5 minutes top.

With the nursers she would spend a hour sucking on them and only take a once or two. So we went and got 12 parent choice bottles they came 6 in a caddy. We got 2 at $6.97 each. So now we found the bottle and nipple she likes, but we are stuck with all the Playtex Bottles,Nipples,and Drop in Bags.

I have 15 bottles(6-4 oz and 9-8 oz with caps and tops) 75 8oz Drop Ins. 29 Nipples.I paid $2.99 for each bottle($44.85) $6.25 for the drop ins. And the nipples are $3.79 a pack(2 in a pack) so for 14 packs(28 nipples) that would be $53.06 which would total $104.16.

I am willing to sell everything for $52.00

If you only want the Bottles and Bags I will sell them for $30.00

I would usually not sell them and just give them to someone, but we have spent so much trying to find the bottles and nipples that she likes that we have no choice. Plus we have spent so much buying different formulas for her. I appreciate it if anyone is interested. Please email me at

My name is Jennifer and I live in Georgia.