Tuesday Two!

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Tuesday Two!
Tue, 10-14-2003 - 12:59am

Heya everyone, I hope you all had a Happy Columbus Day! My DH had it off but I was off to work. Ani is playing in a laundry basket right now...odd yes. lol DH put her in there as a joke and we found that she enjoys it! I hope you are all doing well!

Tuesday two!

1. What signs of fall are around you?

2. What are you doing for Thanksgiving Day?

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 9:03am
The only signs of fall here (Azores, Portugal) are that it's a teeny bit cooler, quite a bit windier, and lots rainier!

For Thanksgiving I will be at home in Utah (YAY!) with my family. I can't wait to be back!!!

Suzi & Averie EDD Feb 29

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 9:07am
Here in PA we have some beautiful fall foliage and crisp, cool evenings. The leaves are prettier this year than they have been for a while.

Thanksgiving? Haven't given that much thought. Maybe I will cook and then we can go visiting in the afternoon/evening. I haven't been too "into" Thanksgiving since my Mom passed away 2 years ago. Thanksgiving just isn't the same without her apple pie!

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 10:23am
Here in Iowa, the leaves are all changing and falling. The crisp chill is also in the air! I love fall! Jeans and sweaters are my fave, but with being pregnant, my wardrobe is kind of limited to dress clothes for work and then lounge drawstring pants and DH's t-shirts and sweatshirts!

Thanksgiving...well, we have both sides of the family to go to, plus possibly up to my uncle's in Chicago. I can't wait for turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and pie!! Yummy!


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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 1:09pm
This is my first fall in Chicago – I am LOVING it! This is, by far, my favorite time of year. Mostly just the month of October.. LoL The trees are changing colors, and it’s SO pretty to be out and about in what seems like a wonderland of oranges & reds. I moved here from Phoenix, I forgot how much I missed the mid-western falls (I grew up in IL). The main difference out there was a slight drop in temperatures (but believe me, it was nice to know that in Oct, it would be relief from constant 100-degree temps)!! (However, I will be hating the mid-western winter)

For Thanksgiving – I have no idea what our plans are for sure. I assume that we will be going to my parents’ house (about 3 hours southwest of here) – mostly because DH adores my mom’s cooking. (I count that as a blessing – he still thinks that I never learned that skill from her, I just let him keep on swiping meals from her house a couple of times a month)

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 1:29pm
1. What signs of fall are around you? It's Fall?! LOL Just kidding. Here in Central Florida, it is still mostly summer like during the day, but in the evenings it gets a little cooler.

2. What are you doing for Thanksgiving Day? Dinner at my parent's house, family tradition. Can't wait, I won't have morning sickness this year! YIPPEE!!!

Jennifer & Jake (6/6/03)