Baby names

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Baby names
Fri, 10-24-2003 - 5:51pm
Ok ok, so we're not expecting for a while. But I'm constantly on the look out for a name to keep in mind for the future. Anyone else do this?

Theres this small somewhat tradition in my family to spell all of my children's names with the same letter. My grandmother did Susanne and Sandra. My mother did Keith, Kevin and Kristina. Now I'm stuck in a funk feeling like I should do the same. My brother has Hailey and Hannah. Now I was looking at names and fell upon Ashton. It could be spelled Ashtyn for a girl. But I like the name Bren Robert Whitney Johnson (we're not holding back on two middle names, I actually want to change Ani's name to Ani Rose Marie Johnson, Ani Rose is practically like her first name).

So do you guys think about this stuff too? And if your still confused about baby names or thinking about something please let us know!

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