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Sun, 11-23-2003 - 6:07am
Infant's 911 call leads to mom's arrest

Fri Nov 21, 6:36 PM ET

By Steve Irsay, Court TV

ORLANDO, Fla. (Court TV) — A baby's call to 911 may have his mom crying.

When a 1-year-old boy unwittingly called the emergency number this week, the dispatcher who answered could only hear gibberish on the other end.

So the dispatcher called back and reached the boy's mother, Navera Alexcia Noel, 27, who allegedly assured the dispatcher that everything was fine. Nevertheless, an Orange County deputy sheriff thought it best to check out the curious call.

When Deputy Sheriff Jeff Mayer arrived, Noel reportedly let him into the home. There the officer found the baby boy who made the 911 call. Mayer also allegedly found mounds of drugs, all in plain sight.

Narcotics officers returned with a search warrant and allegedly found more than 30 grams of cocaine, 100 grams of marijuana and some $69,440 in cash. It did not appear that the baby boy had ingested any of the drugs, investigators said.

Investigators also allegedly found a loaded .45-caliber gun that was reported stolen from another county.

Noel was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis and cocaine with intent to sell, and cocaine trafficking. She was released from Orange County jail on $7,500 bail.

As for her son who inadvertently tipped off police, he was reportedly placed in his grandmother's custody while the Department of Children & Families investigates.