how will you keep baby from tree?

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how will you keep baby from tree?
Wed, 12-03-2003 - 9:29pm
the lights seem to be attracting Zachary like a mouse to cheese

how can i keep him away suggestions please? p.s. the baby gate

around it didn't work he knocked them & the tree over and laughed

(it was funny to watch but you kwim)sandra
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Sun, 12-07-2003 - 5:44pm

lol good question Sandra. I actually haven't had much of an issue. Ani is always so busy and most of the time we don't put her by the tree. But when she's in her walker she makes her way over. I kinda let her explore but watch to see if she's pulling anything off (no ornaments or anything too low just some garland). Our tree is probably a good 12 feet tall so I don't think this tree will come tumbling down. I'm so sorry I'm clueless as to what to do. I think if I was a baby I'd be attracted to the lights too. When you find a solution let us know! I'm sure there are others wondering the same thing lol.

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