Two weeks till Christmas where do you

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Two weeks till Christmas where do you
Thu, 12-11-2003 - 5:48pm
stand on everything?

Well, I still have a lot of stuff to do. Queen procrastinator here! I have shopped almost completely for my husband. This weekend I will finish for everyone else including Ani and extended family. My husband will probably go sometime relatively soon and shop for me too. lol. I'm so behind I'm yet to even wrap Dustin's gifts. But I did go to Hallmark yesterday and found some really cute wrapping paper. :) Dustin also found a Christmas ornament that was "Hop on Pop" by Dr Seuss. He was so excited lol.

I hope your all doing better than me lol. Take care and keep warm! It's raining here in Connecticut...silly weather.

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Fri, 12-12-2003 - 9:34am
I am almost completely finished. Our house is decorated, all the presents we have are wrapped and I will be going out this Saturday to finish picking up the little things and wrapping them. Now just to wait for my little present to arrive!



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Fri, 12-12-2003 - 2:27pm
Well I got my SO his christmas presents. I almost done with him once I find one more CD for him. I got him an engraved zippo lighter that has a nice R on the front for Ryan and everlasting love, jessica on the back. I also got him a nice necklace since he was complaining he didnt have any. Yesturday I went out and bought him three Johnny Cash CD's (hes obsesed with Johnny Cash and has almost all his CD's). One of them I was replacing because **blushing** I was so mad at him a which back that I threw it out my car window. And the other two are a set of three that go together but I cant find the third one so Ill have to go look around for it. And Jimi Hendrix, blues. Hes been wanting that CD for along time. I got my neices and nephews out of the way. I coundt afford to buy them real nice presents, but I got them alot of small cheaper things. My mom and dad are out of the way, and my sisters... My SO and I decided we were just going to give them a nice holiday card since we cant really afford much else. Ryan on the other hand got his step mom and step dad presents already but hasnt gotten anything for his mom or dad and still has no idea what hes going to get them. I still have all my presents to wrap, which I was thinking of doing that today. Honestly, I should get on that before Ryan gets home otherwise, he'll probably end up finding them while Im gone sometime.
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Fri, 12-12-2003 - 2:29pm
I just finished today! WOOHOO! Now I have to wrap. Ugh! Why did I buy so much?! LOL

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