What is your most memorable Xmas story?

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What is your most memorable Xmas story?
Thu, 12-11-2003 - 5:53pm
One year when my little brother was about 4 and I was around 6. My mom had put the Christmas gifts out just right before she went to bed and we were already asleep. My little brother Kevin is the first one up and happens to open everyone's gifts! Not only did he open them up, but my mom got each of us these gigantic coloring books and he had colored in each and every one of them! I was so upset yet we couldn't help but laugh at him. I'm sure he got beat up for that by me and my older brother lol.

I also will never forget the kindness of strangers. One year my mother didn't have much money for gifts. And told us not to expect much because Santa was a little low on cash. I remember that year...all I wanted was markers. Well one night we were all sitting around our apartment and we heard a knock at the door. My mom opened it and there was a man dressed like Santa. He SHOWERED us with gifts and even brought a turkey for Christmas dinner! It was the most amazing thing. I got my markers too! You see all these things around Christmas time about giving gifts...I usually don't participate but I remember how wonderful that felt that Christmas. It made it one of the most memorable. :)

Happy Holidays!

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