I will be resigning....

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I will be resigning....
Tue, 01-27-2004 - 7:04pm
Hello everyone, I'm sorry to report that I will be resigning from board as the CL. I took the position upon maternity leave with my daughter, but now I find with my parenting responsibilites on top of working almost full time hours that being a CL is something I cannot do well, therefore I probably shouldnt do at all. This is a great board and I've loved being the CL here. The possibilities for this board are ENDLESS! So if you interested please apply! Good luck with your little miracles!

~Kristina & Ani Rose 3/21/03

  Kristina & Ani Rose 3/21/03   

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Thu, 01-29-2004 - 3:18pm
even though i'm fairly new here, i'm sad to see you go...will you still be able to post & keep us updated on your dd??? in any event, good luck!